Organizing World Environment Day 2016

Ramah Shams Company is pleased to organize World Environment Day 2016. Under the patronage of HE Dr. Mosleh H. Al-Otaibi, CEO of Royal Commission for Jubail, Royal Commission organized a Symposium on Environment Day coinciding with World Environment Day celebration last Sunday, 05 June 2016 held in Al-Fanateer, Cultural Center, Jubail Industrial City.

Product packaging innovation and designs

Our customers believe in the importance of promoting their products in a unique, innovative and healthy manner to be different and dazzling. From this stand point, it’s our role, in collaboration with Al Aryaf Bakeries and Pastries, to provide an innovative range of packages with new styles and pretty designs that are made of..

Luxury villas design

Our mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design.  

Attauk Mubarak Campaign ” Al-Aryaf”

In continuation of our cooperation with Al Aryaf Bakeries and Pastries, RSC has organized, designed and carried out an advertising campaign for Al Aryaf Bakeries and Pastries ‘ branches in the holy month of Ramadan. The campaign was launched in a large scale on social media, advertising signs in roads, newspapers ads and..

Promo of “Al-Aryaf” campaign in Ramadaan

Within the framework of Al Aryaf Bakeries and Pastries’ campaign under the slogan of “Blessed Donation….Blessed Month” which was launched in the Holy month of Ramadaan, Ramah Shams Company has made a video ad for the campaign in order to publicize the campaign’s slogan and promote Al Aryaf products in Ramadaan.

Designing Al-Maali Hospital Furniture

Within the company’s business of developing the identity of our partners with regard to decorations and furnishings, Ramah Shams is honored to design and select the office furniture and furnishings of Al Maali Hospital in Hafr Al- Batin. This steps comes as continuation to RSC services granted to the Hospital by making its..

Al-Omari Center Movie

In continuation to its cooperation with Al Omari Group , Ramah Shams Co. has produced an identification movie about Al-Omari Center whose idea uniquely adds to Buraidah City in terms of the type of projects and services provided on an area of 30,000 m2 north Buraidah.  

Flowers and Fruits Festival 36

Flowers and Fruits Festival is one of the annual festivals that is held in Tabuk region. Despite that there are other 8 festivals held in the same region in addition to many summer touristic festivals that are celebrated on the same date within The Saudi Kingdom, Flowers and Fruits Festival in Tabuk enjoys..

Flowers and Fruits Festival Advertisements and reports

In line with organizing Flowers and Fruits Festival, Ramah Sham Company has produced a series of short movies, video clips, video ads, and documentary movie reports to record the festival, its activities and to announce its events.

“Season of Success” Campaign “Al- Aryaf”

Within the framework of the long- term strategic partnership between Ramah Shams Co. and Al AryafAl Bakeries and Pastries in Qassim, RSC has organized, design and executed an ad campaign to Bakeries and Pastries’ branches in the season of success and academic excellence. The campaign was launched in a large scale..

Al-Omari Group Movie

Omari Group is a Saudi investment group that is established in 2002. It’s headquarter is located in a very distinctive place that is Baridah city in Qassim, which is know of its high indicators on all levels. After a journey of success, Al Omari group has entered into an agreement with Ramah Shams Company to..

The production of an identity and ad campaign for..

A new brand in the fashion and clothing world owned by Al Mousa Holding Co. was about to be launched in the market. Our task was to design the trademark with all its details including the logo, slogan and integrated identity. We, Ramah Shams Company, succeeded in achieving our task for Al..

Al-Ghada Festival

Al-Ghada Festival is a Winter Festival which is held annually in Onaiza Municipality. The festival includes popular, recreational and cultural events in addition to the touristic services inside a heritage village that is established and managed by Ramah Shams, the official organizer of Ghada Festival. When Ramah Shams Company took over the responsibility of organizing..

Al-Ghada Heritage Village

Al-Ghada Heritage Village is a Winter heritage touristic location in which is held Al- Ghada Festival every year in Onaiza Municipality. The village, that is established and managed by Ramah Shams, witnesses popular, recreational and cultural events in addition to the touristic services. Ramah Shams Company has established and..

Al-Ghada video ads and reports

Being the exclusive operator of Al Ghada Festival, Ramah Shams has produced several short films , video clips, video ads and reports to document the festival and its activities and to announce its events.

Onaizah Summer Festival 35

Among twelve festivals that are held in Onaizah Governorate every year, Onaizah summer Festival is distinguished in terms of its success , which challenges the time factor, on its location in Al Hajib parks. Al Hajib parks are characterized by its charming environment as well as the services provided by Ramah Shams Company..

Al-Hajib Parks

Al-Hajib Parks is located at the Western Side of Onaizah Governorate. Its green and beautiful spaces are extended on an area of Two million square meters approximately. Thousands of visitors from Onaizah and different regions in Qassim go to AlHajib Parks to spend beautiful moments in Summer in its green spaces and recreational areas..



    Hajoub, is a cartoon character that is generated to make Onaizah Summer Festival on the same level of performance and distinctiveness of the other festivals and events held outside the Saudi Kingdom in which cartoon characters are used to promote the events and activities. The name ” Hajoub” is derived from “..

    Film on Asir Secretariat ‘s acheivements

    In collaboration with the Secretariat of the Asir region, Ramah Shams Co. has produced a documentary film about the secretariat’s achievements in the development of Asir region at all levels, services and activities.

    The 3rd Forum of Charitable Foundations in Qassim

    This event is launched as the third copy of this humanitarian and social forum which invites more than 40 charities in Qassim. Al ber Charity and all of its branches in Qassim organize the event. After the success of the first forum in Buraidah and the second forum in Onaizah, the third forum is..

    Al-Badia Festival 34

    Al-Badia Festival is a summer festival that is celebrated in Bisha. It introduces popular and recreational events in addition to touristic services within a heritage location that is established and managed by Ramah Shams Company as the exclusive organizer of Badia Festival. The festival is launched this year in its second copy under the patronage..

    Al-Jenadriyah Festival “Al-Qassim Hall”

    For four consecutive years since 2010, Ramah Shams Company has a role in the design and implementation of participating halls in the Al-Jenadriyah Festival. It has designed and implemented halls for The Ministry of Education and the authority of Al-Qassim Secretariat.

    Abha Summer Festival

    Abaha is a city where you find tourism in all its senses and colors. Within the mountain peaks and valleys, in indescribable weather, inside the beauty and charm granted by Al mighty God for this area, we started our task of organizing and managing Abaha Summer Festival during 2012 and 2013. The events of the..

    The 2nd Gulf Bike Tour

    The Second Gulf Bike Tour is the second session of The Bicycle Race which was held in 2009 with the participation of five gulf countries; namely: Oman, UAE, Qatar, KSA and Bahrain. The Race was participated by 50 riders; each country has a 10- rider team SAUDI CYCLING FEDERATION has entered into an agreement..
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