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Al-Maáli hospital interior design 14 July 2016
3D drawing art at Hajib Park in Unyizah Summer Festival 12 July 2016

Who are we?

Ramah Shams is a Saudi limited company located in Unaizah, Qassim Province. It was established as an individual business in 1995 and has ever since proven to be successful for fifteen years in the field of advertisement, media, and décor. In 2009, the company expanded its services to include organizing tourism and heritage festivals and events. In 2011, the company has incorporated other services in the field of tourism investment. Finally, in 2014, the company has officially become a limited liability company, with a total capital of 22 million riyals Saudi.
The company activities and achievements have varied until it became a widely recognized company in the field of tourism, heritage, and statistics. Despite these achievements, the company still seeks to achieve more success.


Providing a variety of integrated services that contribute to creating and developing a professional image for individuals and companies in public and private sectors. This can be successfully accomplished through providing services and products that achieve our clients’ goals as well as developing innovations that exceed customers’ expectations in the fields of tourism industry, heritage and media.


Integrating innovative techniques for creating an unexpected and professional image so that we can be pioneers in tourism industry, heritage, advertising and media, and conferences.


Integrity: It is key factor on which we depend in our services through providing the public with accurate information about our activities.

Sincerity: We are completely committed to our work through developing exclusive and high quality innovations in all aspects of our business including materials, tools, services and so forth.

Mastery: We always seek to provide services with the potentially highest quality in accordance with the client’s available resources, capabilities, and time.

Commitment: We are always committed to implementing all work and services effectively and accurately.

Partnership: We establish cooperation relationships with a number of bodies in public and private sectors to accomplish our targeted goals, as governmental bodies, company clients, and sponsors contribute all to achieve success.

Team Spirit: We maintain cooperative work spirit and promote innovative teamwork from which our clients can benefit.

Innovation and Excellence: We visit several countries all over the world in order to choose products and techniques appropriate for our community and traditions, and needs. This is achieved through innovative thinking that helps us provide our clients with a variety of unique innovation and excellence.

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